Aircraft Appraisal Process

Our certified appraisal process provides an accurate value on a client’s aircraft. This process includes a physical examination of the logbooks and the aircraft by a certified appraiser. To get started, you would provide the name and contact information of an individual who can provide access to the aircraft and records, and we take it from there. Once the appraisal is completed, we send it to the client’s email.

  • Eagle Aviation Services receives contact information from client.
  • Eagle Aviation Services NAAA Certified Aircraft Appraiser performs on-site appraisal inspection. This appraisal inspection may take from three to six hours depending upon the age of the aircraft and the organization of the records. It includes the following:
    • Digital photos of the condition of the aircraft.
    • Physical examination of the paint, interior, exterior, and air frame of the aircraft.
    • Review of the Records (FAA 337 forms, logbooks, maintenance tracking reports, SB and AD compliance, etc).
    • Confirm that any optional equipment listed is actually installed and that any aircraft modifications are done correctly.
    • Conduct an Avionics inventory
  • Conduct market research on same year/make/model aircraft for comparison valuation. Use actual sales data where possible.
  • Develop a written appraisal report which includes digital photos and deliver it via email within seven to ten days. A hard copy report including all photos may be shipped upon request.


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