Aviation Consulting

Hourly & Project Based Consulting:

Eagle Aviation Services provides a variety of services for our clients. These include aircraft valuation, aircraft acquisition, accident investigation, flight department operations, as well as most any other aviation related issue. For a free initial consultation, get in touch with us here. If, after our conversation, we feel that we are not able to offer the expertise that your situation dictates, we will be happy to refer you to an expert or specialist who may be better suited to help.

Aircraft Acquisition:

Many times, clients can find the process of searching for and purchasing aircraft overwhelming. Our team at Eagle Aviation Services is ready and able to work with you to find your ideal aircraft. We will walk with you through each step of the acquisition process, explaining how everything works.

  • We will determine aircraft requirements based on your travel needs.
  • We will establish a purchasing strategy that includes an in-depth pre-purchase inspection and an overall checklist for delivery acceptance.
  • We will analyze the acquisition costs and operating expenses to decide which aircraft will best suit your budget and your lifestyle.
  • We will do thorough records research and review.
  • We will help you investigate all financing options.

Expert Witness:

While our aviation team’s primary area of expertise is in aircraft valuation, collectively, we have extensive experience in all areas of aircraft and flight operations. We stand ready to help you with any and all areas where you may need an expert’s advice. From defining the diminution of value due to a damage event…to the human factors relating to operating procedures involved in an aircraft accident. We have the expert witness you need to clearly lay out the important factors in your case.

Aircraft Accident Investigator:

Our accident investigator, Ken Doucette, possesses in-depth knowledge and experience earned through many years as Airport Manager at Spruce Creek Fly-In and as Chief Flight Instructor at ERAU. In these positions, Ken has become intimately familiar with the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) which is the regulatory body that oversees all aircraft and flight operations. Ken is also well versed in Federal Air Regulations, known as FARs, which govern pilot licensing, aircraft certification and flight operations across the country.

Flight Department Operations:

We work with corporations and individuals to establish new flight departments. Our flight department consulting services include:

  • Flight Department organization
  • Independent corporate aircraft use and needs analysis
  • Flight Department personnel recruiting
  • Interim Management
  • Flight Department re-organization
  • Aircraft Acquisition management
  • Aircraft Delivery management
  • Aircraft Appraisal

Fleet Analysis & Optimization:

When an individual or a corporation acquires a new aircraft, they usually do it for one of two fundamental reasons: Either the current aircraft can no longer perform the mission due to changes in the mission or the aircraft’s operating conditions (obsolescence, costs, performance, etc) or due to the fact that the current aircraft is no longer cost effective in terms of the Company’s required parameters.

Eagle Aviation Services can produce valuation models which can quantify a variety of factors to help a client makes decisions about acquiring new aircraft. These factors include physical, economic, functional, and obsolescence indicators comparing current and existing fleet aircraft with more modern and fuel-efficient or right-sized aircraft, allowing the client to conduct a cost-comparison and deciding on an “Optimal” fleet.


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